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Wine Tourism

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Take part in wine tasting by visiting famous vineyards and wine cellars throughout Budapest and Hungary. Discover the creative power of wine! What a fantastic experience! Wine has always been considered and respected as the purest and most useful drink (even purer that water). You may have heard what the famous Greek playwright Aristophanes said 2400 years ago: „ a glass of wine will hide peoples’s luck, business success and friends’ joy”. Or what Louis XIV, who was a great admirer of Hungarian Tokaj wines, said about wine „king of the wines, wine of the kings

Yes, that’s true: it was the powerful sunshine, Hungary’s favourable climate and geographical posititon, as well as the expertise and know-how of wine specialists that made our wines world famous even 1000 years ago.

It may not be Hungary that would cross Your mind when you think of wine, but it is undoubtful that both Tokaj asszú and the Eger Bull blood are of international fame. Nowadays, tasting wines is an elegant and very sophisticated hobby, a nice way of spending your leisure time and it is becoming more and more popular. The annual wine festival organised in Budapest is attracting more and more visitors to the Hungarian capital.

Whatever wish You may have, maybe as an average tourist having a nice evening out in a cosy restaurant with the supper including tasting wines, or being an ardent wine fan or even a wine expert who would like to know more about Hungarian wines, we are more than happy to help You find the proper venue, either being a restaurant, a wine cellar or a specific wine.

We are ready to provide You with our recommendations that might suit Your taste and, of course, we are more than willing to make out Your personalised offer.… Please feel free to ask…


1. Visit to a wine cellar including wine tasting ( 4-5 wine brands)
Wine tasting takes place in a real original wine cellar being part of the Budapest „cave system” under the Buda Castle. Listening to the young wine expert provides a genuine experience. BorkatakombaHis enthousiasm, inborn talent, devotion and interest for wine is only exceeded by the passion we feel in his presentation of his wine cellar’s best wines. In case we know in advance what kind of wine You prefer, our expert will make You a personalised list of wines to be tasted. Duration: upon agreement.
Price: from 26Eur per person ( the price refers to a minimum of 4 persons) Appetizer included.


2. Wine tasting including supper in a restaurant.  
The programme is held in an elegant restaurant in the downtown of the capital. The venue bears the signs of devotion and love for wines in its equipment and furnishing. It is decorated all over with wine bottles and it has a nice atmosphere, proper for wine tasting. It has an excellent and superb cuisine where You can choose from different Hungarian and international specialities:
3 course menu, 3 kinds of different wines to be tasted
4 course menu, 4 kinds of different wines to be tasted
5 course menu, 5 kinds of different wines to be tasted


You don’t need to travel far from Budapest in order to be able to visit the nearby vineyards and wine regions, and to get an insight of a real Hungarian family enterprise where everything is about wine.


1. Etyek wine district, located only 20 km from Budapest (half-day programme)
Etyek PincefesztiválThis programme can start either in the morning or in the afternoon, at an earlier fixed appointment. Travelling is provided either by car, coach and services include an English speaking guide who is meeting You at the hotel. The destination is at about 30 minutes from Budapest. During the journey, the guide is providing important and exciting information and stories about Hungary’s main wine districts, highlighting Etyek and its surroundings. On arrival, You are taken on a tour around the house and in the vineyard, including the cellar. The cellar has a traditional old section and a modern part, as well, providing interesting and useful experiences and know-how. During the wine tasting session, You can taste 6-8 different kinds of wine. Our host, the wine expert, is proud and happy to tell us about his wines and their awards received in different wine contests. If You wish and there is demand for it, You can supplement Your experience with tasting manually made chocolates filled with wine. Of course, if there is demand for it, we can provide lunch, as well (goulash soup and strudel). Price: from 50EUR per person (min. 4 persons)

2. Neszmély wine district, at about 70 km from Budapest –half-day programme
Neszmélyi BorünnepThe Neszmély wine district is famous for its excellent white wines and it is known as the Queen of Hungarian white wines. Visiting a family vineyard in this region provides an exclusive experience for every tourist. This programme involves a one hour journey, too. On arriving to our destionation, You are welcome by the host with wine brandy ( „borpálinka”) and some appetizers (Hungarian „pogácsa”) , after which You are taken on a guided tour to the 200 year old wine cellar and to its modern computer controlled section, too. Wine tasting will take place in the old, 200 year old part of the cellar. The bottom or top of big caskets and barrels will serve as tables. While tasting the wines ( 7-8 different brands), our wine expert will explain the secrets of making wine in this vineyard. You can also buy any of the wines that You like. Price: from 80EUR per person (min 4 persons)  Duration: approx 5 hours

3. Szentendre , at about 20 km from Budapest
Borünnep SzentendreIt would be very difficult to find any travel guide that would not mention Szentendre as a „must see” programme. It is like a small jewel box, a village of artists and crafts. Szentendre loves visitors and visitors love Szentendre. There are several museums, galleries awaiting for visitors and tourists, among which the Wine Museum is one of the most popular. Within this programme??? On arrival, You are invited to have a sightseeing tour of the town, then you have a one hour leisure time, as the town is full of shops, as well as interesting and exciting handicrafts. It is difficult to resist temptation! After a little insight into culture and shopping comes wine tasting in the cellar of the Wine Museum, where You can find the presentation and introduction of several Hungarian wine districts and You can taste 4-5 kinds of wine. Duration of wine tasting: 1 hour Appetizers are included. You have the opportunity to order lunch: You can also visit the largest Europass diamot center. Ez mi? Find more information….. Price: from 50EUR per person (min 4 persons)

4. Eger wine tasting located at 140 km from Budapest (A whole day trip)
Eger is well known for its wine culture and as the town of spas. Eger is the home of the famous Eger Bull blood wine, which is wellknown beyond the Hungarian borders, too. It would be almost impossible to find any Hungarian adult who has never tasted this superb wine! Eger is one of our most beatiful baroque cities and it has been a bishop seat for more than 1000 years. The town is also a symbol of patriotism and it’s absolutely fair that its inhabitants are very proud of it. It was the Eger Castle captain, István Dobó, who saved the town and defeated the much bigger Turkish army which sieged the town and wanted to conquer it. This is the topic of one of the most famous Hungarian novels written by Géza Gárdonyi, „The Stars from Eger”. The programme includes Your being met by the guide at the hotel and bus transport. Eger wine regionDuring the journey, the guide will tell You the story of the novel, as well as why this book is so popular among Hungarians. After having arrived in Eger, You will have a short sightseeing walk in the centre of the town, around the beautiful baroque buildings, you will see Dobó square, the Basilica as well as other famous buildings. The programme also includes some free time, as well, just to make it possible for You to enjoy the beauty of the town on Your own, which will certainly take some time. Lunch will be scheduled in the Beautiful Lady’s Valley, where You can find the best wine cellars and wines. Wine tasting of 4-5 kinds of Eger wines, then a nice Hungarian style bean soup is awaiting tourists participating to this trip. This kind of soup is so rich and delicious that it can be considered a one-course meal that will make You feel quite full after having served it, thus it is only its name that means soup, actually it isn’t. Lunch is continued with some dessert, after which You will go back to Budapest by bus, hoping that the bus driver has not tasted the superb Eger wines. If there is demand for it, this programme can be organised as a two-day excursion. In this case, hotel accommmodation is provided at extra cost and next day You can enjoy the excellent thermal waters and spas of the town. Price from 130EUR per person (min 4 persons) Feel free to ask for a detailed Această adresă de email este protejată de spambots. Trebuie să aveți JavaScript activat ca să o puteți vedea.